Drive-In Engagement!

So my buddy Mike from work found the girl of his dreams and was ready to propose this summer.  He started coming up with one of the coolest proposals ever and let me help him make it a reality!

We made this awesome proposal video to play during the previews at a drive-in movie theater after which he'll pull out the ring and pop the question!

Nannette and I packed up my stuff in the van and drove out to the theater early so I could get the movie to the projectionist and make sure it would play without a hitch!

The folks over at Boulevar Drive-In were so great!  Willing to help make it awesome, and genuinely excited about helping!

After getting everything going for the video I started walking around to scout out the situation.  It was already pretty crowded and I'm sure I raised a few eyebrows sneaking around cars with my camera and giant 70-200mm lens.  One lady came around the car I was hiding behind and looked at me like, "What on earth are you doing?"  So I told her about the proposal and she went back to the other side to tell her friends, but I peeked over and whispered they're right over there pointing to the next car over :)  She told them, but whispering this time.

The movie played, Mike pulled out the ring and then everyone(Family and friends) started making their way to the truck to congratulate them!  It was so much fun and just felt good to be a part of such a happy occasion and to see the love Mike and Lauren share.  

It was a great time and a great story I'm sure their kids will love hearing about someday!