Easter Egg Hunt!

Sydney got to go on her first Easter egg hunt yesterday!  She wasn't sure about what to do at first, but once she figured out there was candy inside she got the hang of it!

We had a lovely Resurrection Day starting at 7am with a sunrise service at church.  They had a little skit with people dressed up and giving an account of Jesus and what they had seen.  We had John, Pilot, Mary, a Roman guard, and a whole cast of others.  Then it was down south to visit with Nannette's side of the family for lunch and the egg hunt!

I hope you all had a great day too and that you know the hope and joy that comes from knowing Jesus has made you free through his love and sacrifice!

Kansas City Kite Club Festival 2014

We had a great time Saturday going to the Kite Festival over at Longview Community college!  Relaxing in the sun, taking some pictures and just flying some kites!  I would highly recommend it!  It's amazing that kites can be so massive!  Flying squids, fish, alligators, giant windsocks, parrots, trilobites, and more!

Last Chance Flight - Beyond Barriers concert

Had a great time tonight taking pictures and listening to a guy that I work with's band.  This was by far the most difficult lighting situation I've been in.  Very low light, light that was all over in color temperature, and no flash during the performance!  Gave me a great chance to really test the upper limits of my A99's ISO!  Had a great time listening to some great music!


All the songs were written by Larry Campbell and they all had really good messages!  They'll be playing again so check out their site to find a time to go!